Old Bowie Town Grille, 8604 Chestnut Avenue, Bowie, Maryland

FolkenPhünk returns to OBTG for a St. Paddy's day pre-gamer. What better way to warm up for St. Paddy's than to drink and dance to some "Irish-inspired" folk songs?! Slàinte!!

Folkenphunk is an acoustic trio that stands the idea of a traditional bluegrass approach on its ear by incorporating funk, folk, rock, and psychedelic influences into its mix. First formed by upright bassist/guitarist/vocalist David Brumberg and guitarist/vocalist Lowell Neumann Nickey in 2016, the lineup completed itself with Edwin Lightner coming on board to add mandolin and vocals in 2017. This core trio has done very well together and has performed up and down the East Coast.

What Folkenphunk does superbly is making acoustic music for people who might not be hardcore bluegrass fans. The trio adapts and stylizes its material into an original and interesting hybrid sound. A typical set will combine songs from the Grateful Dead, Chuck Berry, Zak Brown, and the traditional Irish music songbook into a singular experience that leaves fans talking for days.

Free show, tips for the band encouraged!