Clarence "The Bluesman" Turner

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Old Bowie Town Grille, 8604 Chestnut Avenue, Bowie, MD

An infectious, rhythmic, gritty, and soulful, feeling sparked a fire into Clarence Turner while listening to his father’s collection of LP’s, which included the incomparable Muddy Waters and the legendary Howlin’ Wolf. Every wailing stroke of the guitar spoke to Clarence; and at the age of eight he began a lifelong love affair with the blues.

It was no question the guitar chose Clarence. Clarence realized that what he felt in his gut and soul could only be expressed through his love of his guitar. As such, he began to wail the blues as only he can. In August 2015, Clarence released his CD “The Caster Blaster”. He has received great reviews nationally and internationally for this project. Once Clarence takes the stage, you will immediately see why Clarence Turner has been appropriately sanctioned, “The Blues Man”.

Outside show, weather permitting. Reservations are strongly recommended.