Blue Zoom Bombers!

 —  —

Old Bowie Town Grille, 8604 Chestnut Avenue, Bowie, MD

Dave Sherman, of Smokin’ Polecats and Fast Eddie and the Slowpokes fame, and Gantt Kushner (Lunch With Bob and many other bands!) have been hosting a Zoom Blues Open Mic almost since the pandemic began. As life and venues open back up, we’ve decided it’s time to get all the Blue Zoom Bombers together onstage, in front of real people! Ed Crowley, Brian Gross, Dave Gorozdos, Vadim Levy, Carl Cimino, Terry Harrison, Jeremy Schuhmann, Jon Steinman, Tony Denikos, Bill Sherman, and many more (I’m old and I forget!) will be joined by bass legend James “Cookie” Cooke and Nighthawks drummer Mark Stutso in a fun-filled show of blues, R&B, Rock’n’Roll and Americana.